Customer Testimonials for Cousin's Canine Care
"Our dog, Ziggy, loves Matt! We would never entrust his care to anyone else!  

Matt is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. Matt is the only person who has a copy of a key to our home. He has also been available on more than one occasion at a last minutes notice to take care of Ziggy.

We never worry on vacation, because we know our boy is in wonderful hands. Matt is sure to send us updates through email and text message about Ziggy’s day and what he did. He also sends pictures as he knows how we miss our Ziggy.  

Matt provides the best possible care for our beloved Ziggy and we don’t know what we would do without him!"

-Kristin and Braxton C
"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how fortunate I feel that Matt Purvis came into our life to watch over Chloe when our family is out of town. Chloe is only 7 year's old, but is completely blind. Normally, she doesn't trust anyone, but when she met Matt, she must have felt his calmness, as she showed no indication of any stress at their first meeting. When Matt came over to get the keys to our house, Chloe seemed to remember him, as if she had known him for years. I have never seen Chloe be so trusting of someone she had not previously met, but now that I know Matt and how he cares for her, I can see why she sensed that it was OK to feel safe in his presence. Matt always talks to her in a soft and reassuring manner, and instinctivly knew not to make sudden movements in her presence, so as not to scare her. He also started to say "Pet" before he pet her, so she knew that his hand was going to pat her head (even we have now adopted the word "pet" when we are reaching out to her). Matt communicated with us on a daily basis just to let us know that Chloe was doing well. It is such a relief to have someone touch base with you like that, as our Chloe is our canine child and we think about her constantly when we are not with her. When we return home, Chloe did not show one sign of even missing us! She acted like we had never left - I couldn't belive it... and our longest trip was 10 days! I hope you will free to share my comments with anyone, and I would even welcome a personal phone call from potential clients to reassure them, that there could not be anyone more kind, patient and caring than Matt Purvis. "

-Deanna B
"Matt, thank you so much for taking care of Alpin during our absence. Meeting you was a lifesaver to us, because as you know, Alpin, our Golden Retriever (only 6 years old) had been diagnosed with Lymphoma literally one day before we had to leave on a trip that could not be cancelled. It was unbelievable to us that you would take him to his chemotherapy appointments, feed him all of the nutritious things you had to prepare for breakfasts, lunches and dinners since his taste had changed when he was on chemo, and just simply being there for him, to help him with his pills and take his temperature several times a day! Your daily photo you took with your camera and sent to us made us feel so good... to know that Alpin was being treated by someone who truly seemed to love him was truly a gift to us. If you ever need any kind of reference, please, please let your clients know to call us. It is so easy to take care of a pet who is healthy, but to take care of a dog with a life threatening disease with such compassion is truly rare. Thank you Again Matt."

-Mark W
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"Cousins Canine is simply exceptional! Our dog Wyatt just loves our sitter. That’s probably because our sitter treats Wyatt as one of his own. He not only feeds our dog but he spends time playing with him as well. I highly recommend Cousins Canine!"

-Kerri M

"My golden retriever, Riley, knew Matt before he started caring for him. So, when I suddenly had to go out-of-town, it was an easy decision who I turned to first.

Matt’s sincere love for animals is obvious. He always cared for Riley as if he was his own. Once when Matt was taking care of Riley for more than a week, they started jogging on their daily walks. When I returned home and we went for a walk, Riley thought we were supposed to jog. I just started laughing and told him he would have to save the jogging for Matt.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone who needs their pet cared for. He has made my life easier in many ways."

-Sheila J

"Matt with Cousins Canine Care has been walking our dog, Thor, since we first brought him home in January. I have always found him dependable and completely trustworthy. He has the key to our house and walks Thor whenever we can't be there. We have often called at the last minute and he has always come through for us and made sure that Thor was taken care of. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants their pet treated like family and given the utmost care."

-Judi T