Meet Cousin's Canine Care
Meet Matt Purvis

Matt turned his personal experience dog walking and caring for the pets of his friends and family into a newfound professional endeavor. He is competent in his wide array of experience with dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes; as well as with dogs with mental and physical special needs. Regardless of the animal's background, he practices a structured routine of daily exercise and play. Naturally compassionate and caring, Matt possesses a gift of quiet, gentle communication, both verbal and non verbal with all animals. He understands that every pet's needs are unique and caters to each one individually to make them and their owner as comfortable as possible. He is dedicated to effective communication with the owners to instill full confidence in the care that is given.

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Meet Nicole Crane

Nicole has always had a passion for animals. She volunteers with local animal organizations and participates in numerous events and fundraisers. She is often found at local dog parks, dog socials, and even Chihuahua races with her black and white Chihuahua, Luna. Nicole rescued Luna over three years ago and she has grown remarkably from the timid, shy dog she was. Luna is now a happy, healthy, and curious dog, with an outfit for every occasion. Prior to becoming a dog walker and sitter, Nicole relied on others for the care of Luna when she left town. The nervousness and stress of leaving her own dog the first time drives her to provide excellent care for your dog. She has great communication skills and always meets the highest expectations of clients. Nicole started caring for her friends' dogs while they were away or on vacation and it became a new career that she loves!
Meet Amy Hart

Amy is a close friend of the family and was brought on board as the company and client base grew. With an educational background in Psychology, Amy is happiest being of service and helping others, whether it's with humans or animals! This started out as a career as a counselor and child care provider for children with special needs, and now she channels her passion into caring for animals as well. She adopted her cat, Buddy, sixteen years ago and volunteers at Loggerhead Marine Life Center in her spare time. Amy maintains a natural, friendly rapport with both clients and their pets. She is genuinely empathetic and enthusiastic, with a warm and friendly heart!