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Do you offer boarding options?

We do not have a boarding facility. We are exclusively 
a service that comes to your house. This keeps your pet
in the comfort and safety of their own home and does 
not disrupt their routine. It allows for more exercise, 
play time, and one-on-one care without the possibility 
of compromising their mental and physical health. 

What areas of Palm Beach County do you cover?

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Our northern border is the Village of Tequesta and our southern border is Northlake Blvd. If your neighborhood is located off of Northlake (i.e. Ibis, Steeplechase, Horseshoe Acres, etc), we will happily accommodate you. Unfortunately, we do not go into Jupiter Farms nor the Acreage. If you live on Jupiter Island or Singer Island, please give us a call and it is dependent on the times you're looking for service and 
the size/demeanor of your pet.

How does the "On-Call" work?

When you need a last minute or unexpected visit, give us a call or send a text and we will head your way as soon as we possible. It's as easy as that! Or if you have a preferred time, we will accommodate that as closely as possible. 

For payment, at the Initial Meet-Up we will give you an envelope for future "On-Call" visits, should they arise. Place cash or a check in the envelope and we usually advise to keep it out of the way in the kitchen's 'junk drawer'. (Since everyone has one!)  Another option is for us to keep a credit card on file and we will bill you the next day.

What if I'm going away for a few days but I don't need someone to stay overnight with my pet?

This is not a problem. We can come late in the evening and be back early in the morning. During the initial Meet-Up, we'll get a feel for when the pets are usually attended to and try our best to structure the visits to best imitate their normal daily routine.

Which Cousin's Canine Care employee will be taking care of my pet?

It depends on the size and demeanor of the pet, in addition to the time of the services needed. Usually one of us will handle the majority of the visits, but a team effort is always available.

I want Cousin's Canine to take care of my pet... so what do I do now?

Give us a call!!  We'll schedule a time for an initial Meet-Up, where we'll go over the specifics of what and when you're looking for, and can begin the care right away.

Frequently Asked Questions